Writers on Location – Catherine Dunne on Extremadura, Spain

I have a soft spot for Spain and books with Spanish settings so this is one for my reading list.


6 thoughts on “Writers on Location – Catherine Dunne on Extremadura, Spain

    • Hola Annie, glad you enjoyed it. I can’t claim the credit for the piece, but couldn’t resist reblogging as I have a very big soft spot for all things Spanish. Extremadura is an area I’ve yet to visit, though I’m working my way around. De donde eres?


      • Sounds like I need to get myself there. I have been to Barcelona, back in 1983 before it became trendy (and before you were born, which shows my age) and again more recently. I loved Barcelona not least because of Gaudi who is a favourite of mine. Was lucky in my recent visit to Spain (only back last week) to have seen one of his rare projects outside of Barcelona as I was in Leon. Isn’t it great the way that reading and reviewing introduces you to people of all ages and cultures because of a shared passion. It’s lovely to meet you Annie ☺

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      • Hahaha 🙂 Well, I’ve always been a retro soul… I haven’t been in Leon yet! I live near Hospital de Sant Pau, which is one of my favorite buildings in Barcelona! I agree with what you say, ever since I decided opening this blog, I’ve “met” people from a great variety of places… it’s amazing 😀 Let’s keep in touch!

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