Writers on Location – Catherine Dunne on Extremadura, Spain

I have a soft spot for Spain and books with Spanish settings so this is one for my reading list.

The Literary Sofa

Catherine-Dunne-HR-30With scorching weather and the start of the school holidays here in the UK, this is the time many of us relish losing ourselves in a good book, whether we’re staying put or getting away. The term Summer Reads means different things to different people and although I use it for one of my two big selections of the year, the truth is that I’m hoping for the same things whatever the season.

If anything, I’m looking for something extra: a genuinely transporting quality that can come from the story, the period, very often the setting, and ideally all of the above, as with today’s featured title The Years That Followed. It is the tenth novel by Irish author Catherine Dunne, whose other work I will definitely be seeking out. In today’s Writers on Location she explains how the relatively unknown Spanish region of Extremadura crept first into her story, then…

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6 thoughts on “Writers on Location – Catherine Dunne on Extremadura, Spain

    • Hola Annie, glad you enjoyed it. I can’t claim the credit for the piece, but couldn’t resist reblogging as I have a very big soft spot for all things Spanish. Extremadura is an area I’ve yet to visit, though I’m working my way around. De donde eres?


      • Sounds like I need to get myself there. I have been to Barcelona, back in 1983 before it became trendy (and before you were born, which shows my age) and again more recently. I loved Barcelona not least because of Gaudi who is a favourite of mine. Was lucky in my recent visit to Spain (only back last week) to have seen one of his rare projects outside of Barcelona as I was in Leon. Isn’t it great the way that reading and reviewing introduces you to people of all ages and cultures because of a shared passion. It’s lovely to meet you Annie ☺

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      • Hahaha 🙂 Well, I’ve always been a retro soul… I haven’t been in Leon yet! I live near Hospital de Sant Pau, which is one of my favorite buildings in Barcelona! I agree with what you say, ever since I decided opening this blog, I’ve “met” people from a great variety of places… it’s amazing 😀 Let’s keep in touch!

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