Five on Friday

‘Five on Friday’ is a regular blog feature which is proving popular with readers as well as those taking part. The idea grew out of a Q&A post I was putting together for an author who said they were fed up of either being asked the same questions or asked random (& sometimes bizarre) odd questions.

I’ve opted for a series of standard questions whose answers can be light and fun, or offer the scope for a deeper response depending on how the author wishes to respond. Ideally the answers will be a mix of the two, but I hope the questions are such that they allow readers to get a sense of the author, and their personal likes, desires and hopes. The aim is to learn more about the person behind the books. The feedback from readers has indicated that not only has this feature introduced them to new authors, but also encouraged them to try genres outside their norm based on the fact they ‘like’ an author’s responses and are keen to investigate further. It’s also a reminder to go back and revisit some old favourites.

The following authors have all taken part, just click on their name to see their responses.

Alexander, Rose

Ashman, Rob

Barclay, Linwood

Berriman, Amanda

Blake, Mollie

Butland, Stephanie

Coates, Anne 

Copperthwaite, Barbara

Cumming, Graeme

Cummings, Harriet

Dixon, Patricia

England, Caroline

Evans, David

Field, Kate

Foskett, Keith

Greenwood, Juliet 

Hewitt, Sue 

Hogan, Ruth

Huber, Linda  

Johnson, Julia Claiborne

Kirkham, Gina

Langdale, Kay

McDonnell, Caimh

Michael, Simon

Perrat, Liza

Pollard, Helen

Radford, Cherry

Smy, Glynis 

Stoneley, Zara

Trotter, Janet MacLeod 

Tyler, Terry

Videcette, David

Wainwright, Noreen

Webber, Christine